Program saves students money on textbook costs

FAIRBORN — A pilot project at Wright State University called Inclusive Courseware designed to dramatically reduce the cost of textbooks and online access content for students has saved them nearly double than what was originally estimated.
In the nine classes that participated in the project during the spring semester, students saved more than $102,400, for an average savings of 48 percent. Original projections were that students would save about $56,000.
Original savings estimates for an expanded pilot in the fall semester involving 40 courses were about $300,000 for courses utilizing printed textbooks and $110,000 for courses utilizing e-books. New estimates show that as much as $651,000 will be saved.
In the spring semester, Wright State also formally adopted an “auto-adopt policy” that allows the Wright State Bookstore to assume faculty members will use the same book as the last time they taught a class if they have not made a change prior to the federal deadline for identifying the text for a class. That policy will be used for the first time on a limited scale for the fall 2018 semester, but looks as if it will result in savings to students of at least another $61,000.
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