Benefits to selling college textbooks online

The virtual textbook market can be highly competitive, but selling college textbooks online has quickly become the preferred alternative for most students, because it allows you to offer your books to a wider group of potential buyers.
Browse the internet to find other items that are similar to the one you’re offering, so you can set your prices competitively. A quick way to do this is to jot down the ISBN of your book, and then search for it on an aggregate site that will list pricing from several buyers. Some students use this to get an idea of the item’s value before posting it online or selling it to a friend. This allows you to set your price and target prospective students that live nearby.
Once you’ve settled on a site to list your book, be upfront about the item’s condition. Then, pack it in a padded box or envelope, and use media mail to send it at a cheap rate.
To conclude, you’ve likely spent a lot on textbooks, so why not maximize your financial return? The sale of a used book can get you a little extra pocket change, and help your classmates, who also want to save cash by buying secondhand.