4 Tips to Get Your Money Back on College Textbooks

Every semester, students are confronted with many necessary evils, one of them being the outrageous price for textbooks. Unfortunately, getting textbooks is unavoidable unless you happen to get lucky and find a PDF online (which I have done a couple times). If this is not an option for you, then you are forced to consider some alternatives: renting used, buying used, eBooks, or if you must, buying new. Just those words give me chills!

Buying new is not always terrible, but it definitely has the potential to be. Sophomore year, I had to get a special edition of a textbook that was not available online at all, online at my university’s bookstore, and I ended up spending a whopping $119 on one textbook, for one semester. Do you know where that textbook ended up after my final for that course? Sitting on a shelf, slowly accumulating dust for months. I was stumped on what to do with this burdensome block of pages and ultimately ended up donating it.

Even though we as students cannot avoid getting textbooks, we do not have to suffer along the way. After your semester is completed, you do not have to eat all the money you dropped on those textbooks; there are options for you to get your money back! Have you been staring at a pile of textbooks, not knowing what to do with them after your semester ended? Do you want to make at the very least, some of your money back? Worry not, I got your back.

Check out my four tips here on how to get rid of your textbooks and put a little cash back in your pocket!

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