K-State Libraries help save students money on textbooks

Need a textbook for your class? Check to see if K-State Libraries has it available at Hale Library through their Textbook Affordability Program.

Zain Iqbal, user services specialist at Hale Library, explained how to use textbooks on reserve.

“Textbooks on reserve are books that are placed on hold essentially by professors for students to use in a particular class,” Iqbal said. “The reason this is important is because a professor can place a book on hold, for example, for statistics or English. That means that a student can come here, and if we have it, a student can check it out with their K-State ID, use it for a number of hours and then they can turn it back in, and then another student can perhaps do the same thing.”

K-State Libraries has textbooks on reserve thanks to a $15,000 grant from the Student Governing Association. Jason Coleman, director of Library User Services, said they used the money to purchase textbooks specifically for classes that met their selection criteria.

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