Mark Cuban Backed EdTech Startup Ditches Text Books For Questions

We met Mike Shannon and Kasey Gandham back in 2013 at Chicago Techweek. Back then the team behind Packback was on a mission to help college students save millions of dollars by renting textbooks by the day rather than paying full price for books that just sit in a closet all semester long.
Not too long after that appearance at TechWeek the team packed it up and headed for ABC’s Shark Tank where they were able to sway billionaire investor and Dallas Mavericks owner, Mark Cuban into investing $250,000. It was full steam ahead until they realized some flaws in their original business model.
The original Packback for textbook rentals was a great idea but it was plagued by two major factors. The first was that more and more colleges and universities were becoming less and less dependent on text books in the first place. The second was the textbook publishers themselves proved to be problematic and very slow to move in the fast paced world of millennial led startups.

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