Sell Back Your College Textbooks for More!

College prices are rising every year and the price of textbooks is a big problem. There are many options to reduce your total textbook costs. Getting top dollar when you sell back textbooks is essential.

The Quick & Easy Method

Sell back textbooks to a online bookseller like Amazon or Chegg. Most book buyers will include free shipping. The book buyers are competing for your business. Get a instant quote from up to 10 online buyback sites.

The Mo’ Money Method

Sell the textbook yourself, but sell informed!

1. Use our free Quote tool to know the top buyback price

2. Find the current used selling price with a price comparison tool

3. List the book on Amazon Marketplace or CraigsList.
Set the price between the current selling price found using the price comparison tool and the textbook buyback price. Make sure you are charging enough to cover shipping and your time.